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Only Z Best Detailing is a premier auto detailing service in Delaware offering automotive and motorcycle car care to include exterior and interior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coatings and beyond.  We service the greater Wilmington and Lewes/Rehoboth Beach areas.  



Express/Maintenance Detail

Deluxe Enhancement Detail (Wash and Protection Package)

Signature Detail

(Full Interior and Exterior Service)

Compact and mid sized cars: $75.00


Large cars, mini-vans, pickups, and large SUV's: $100.00

Compact cars:  


Mid-Sized cars: $225 

Large cars,  mini-vans, pickups/large SUV's:


Compact cars: 


Mid-sized cars: $375.00

Large cars, mini-vans, pickups/SUV's:


  • Two bucket hand wash with PH neutral soap to reduce marring during wash process

  • Bug and tar removal if required

  • All vehicle glass cleaned

  • Wheels cleaned with safe non-acidic wheel cleaner

  • Tires cleaned and dressed

  • Carpet and mats vacuumed

  • Interior vinyl or leather seats and dash dusted and wiped down

  • Light wipe down of door jams

This package is recommended on a Bi-Weekly or Monthly Basis for keeping your vehicle maintained and looking it’s best. This service is only offered as part of a monthly maintenance program (6 month minimum). 

  • Two bucket hand wash with PH neutral soap

  • Bug and tar removal if required

  • All vehicle interior and exterior glass cleaned

  • Wheels cleaned with safe non-acidic wheel cleaner

  • Tires clean and dressed

  • Meticulous vacuum of carpet and mats 

  • Interior vinyl or leather seats and dash dusted and wiped down for removal of minor stains

  • Light wipe down of door jams and sills

  • Removal of scuffs on door entry kick plates

  • Removal of light staining on seats and carpeting

  • Coat of synthetic polymer paint sealant for vehicle paint finish (6-8 months protection)

This package is the perfect solution for those looking for a revitalization of their vehicle on a semi-annual or annual basis.  The package offers protection for both your exterior and interior and takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.

Basic Interior Detail

  • Two bucket hand wash with PH neutral soap to reduce marring during wash process

  • Bug and tar removal if required

  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic safe wheel cleaner

  • Tires cleaned and completely dressed

  • Paint finish and glass decontaminated with clay bar to remove bonded surface contaminants

  • Paint improved with a Premium Enhancement polish with a goal to remove minor defects, paint surface, imperfections, and light swirls upwards of 50%.  These defects are typically caused by improper washing and drying.  In many cases if the vehicle surface is in decent condition this process will achieve results upwards of 60-75% improvement. This is the perfect solution to improve the gloss, reflectivity, and color of your vehicles paint finish. 

  • Polymer paint sealant applied for maximum surface protection up to 6 months.

  • Revive and restore neglected exterior trim (if needed)

  • All vehicle interior and exterior glass cleaned

  • Meticulous deep cleaning, vacuum, and steaming of carpet and interior mats , 

  • Interior vinyl surfaces deep cleaned, dressed, and UV protected

  • Door jams cleaned and removal of scuffs on door entry kick plates

  • Deep clean of leather with PH neutral leather soap and nourished with conditioner (where applicable)

  • Scotch Guard protection to carpeted floor mats

Compact and mid sized cars:  Starting at $150.00-$175.00

Large Cars, mini-vans, pickups and large SUV's: $175.00-$275.00


Additional costs may be included for extensive interior staining, mud/dirt, and pet hair removal.

Ceramic Coating


This package is recommended any time you wish your car to look and feel like the day you purchased it.   This package is also highly recommended prior to the sale of any vehicle and is always encouraged before special occasions.

  • All vehicle carpet, mats, and seats, thoroughly and meticulously vacuumed and steam cleaned

  • Remove of the majority of stains on carpet, headliner, mats, seats, and interior door panels

  • Detail and clean of all interior vents, cup holders, nooks, crannies, and any other tight areas that are often overlooked

  • Interior vinyl surfaces deep cleaned and UV protected

  • Leather deep cleaned with PH neutral soap and nourished with conditioner (where applicable)

  • Door jams cleaned and removal of scuffs on door entry kick plates

  • Vehicle interior glass and mirrors cleaned

  • We offer ceramic paint, leather, wheel, and glass coatings packages for maximum vehicle protection by Gtechniq, CarPro Cquartz and Gyeon.

  • Coating packages start at $1000.00, include a Signature Detail, and typically take 2 full days for completion and curing.  

  • Ceramic coatings are very hydrophobic, offer incredible gloss, and make vehicle wash maintenance a breeze by keeping the vehicle much cleaner and protecting it from the elements.  

  • We also offer our ceramic coatings as part of our "new car prep" services to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the moment of purchase.  

Additional Services Offered


  • All detail packages can be specifically tailored for the client’s needs

  • Multi-stage paint correction available

  • Interior detailing packages available including carpet shampoo and steam cleaning (call for quotes)

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning ($100.00)

  • Engine wipe down and detailing

  • Paint decontamination (clay bar service (Add'l $50.00) 

  • Local pickup and drop off service available (detail service dependent)

The above pricing reflects cars in average condition.  These prices may be adjusted for heavily soiled vehicles or for vehicle interiors with heavy stains, sand, or pet hair.  An accurate estimate can be provided via photos or during a  pre-detail inspection and walk around.  Cash, check, and Paypal is accepted for payment of all services rendered. 

All vehicle evaluations, estimates, and personal consultations are by appointment only.  


Ceramic Coatings

The Ulimate in Paint Finsh Protection

Ceramic coatings are the latest technological breakthrough in auto detailing that are causing former users of older carnauba wax and paint sealant technologies to rethink how they care for their vehicle.  What is a ceramic coating?  Ceramic coatings are a silica dioxide (SI02) glass layer that is applied by hand containing nano particles of silica dioxide suspended in a resin that bonds to your vehicle's clearcoat.   You can think of ceramic coatings as a “permanent wax” that can last 2-5 years with the proper care and maintenance.   


Ceramic coatings have numerous added benefits compared to traditional waxes and sealants to include amazing gloss and slickness, fantastic hydrophobic properties, scratch resistance, and making the maintenance of your vehicle’s paint finish almost effortless.  Ceramic coatings can be applied to many different surfaces on your vehicle to include paint, wheels, glass, leather, and plastic trim. 

Preparation of the surface is one the most critical elements to ensure that you get the greatest longevity of the applied coating.  The surface must be free of any dirt, oil, dust, or residue that may prevent the SI02 coating from bonding properly.  Improper surface prep can result in surface hazing, streaks, high spots, and a reduction in the life of the coating.


Only Z Best Detailing has several ceramic coating packages that can be specifically tailored to meet your vehicle’s needs.   Only Z Best Detailing offers two (2) year, three (3) to five (5) year, and five (5) year ceramic coating packages from ceramic manufacturers like CarPro, Gtechniq, Gyeon, and SB3 Alpha that include our Signature Detail. Our ceramic coating service typically takes 2 days to complete and includes a complete detail of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.   During each ceramic coating service, the vehicle’s paint surface is decontaminated both chemically and mechanically, includes a one-step polish to repair surface defects (surface marring and swirling), and proper preparation of the finish prior to the application of the ceramic coating.  After the application of the ceramic coating, a SI02 ceramic spray sealant is typically applied on top of coating to prevent water spotting and to ensure proper curing and protection of the coating until the curing process is complete. 

The Only Z Best Detailing ceramic coating packages start at $1000.00 and can be upgraded to include a wheel, glass, fabric, and leather applications ensuring the most complete protection of your vehicle’s surfaces.  Click the button below to book an appointment or to obtain additional information on ceramic coatings in general.  A 10% non-refundable deposit is required for all

ceramic coating packages upon booking.  This deposit is non-refundable in the event of an appt cancellation and non-reschedule.  

Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

2006 Bentley Flying Spur

Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

2014 BMW 650i Coupe


Cquartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating

Water Hydrophobics and Behavior

on 2015 Camaro SS

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Gyeon Interior Ceramic Coatings

2014 Corvette Stingray



At Only Z Best Detailing we love cars and understand that your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you can make and that everyone wants to keep their vehicle looking it’s best all year round!


Only Z Best Detailing is a high end professional auto detail service that focuses on quality car care in the Middletown and Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, Delaware areas.  Whether your vehicle has lost its luster and appeal, or you are just looking to maintain your investment, Only Z Best Detailing offers a wide range of professional automotive detailing services.  These auto detailing services can be specifically tailored to meet your vehicle needs and budget from routine cleaning and maintenance programs, to full paint correction, waxing, ceramic coatings, and beyond.


After a successful thirty-year career in federal law enforcement we decided to pursue our life-long passion of making cars look their absolute best.  At Only Z Best Detailing we pride ourselves in giving your daily driver, classic show car, weekend cruiser, or motorcycle our full attention. We are not a large production shop or a car wash detailing service.  Only Z Best Detailing typically only services one vehicle per day or in in some higher dollar coating packages one vehicle per weekend allowing us to concentrate and ensure that your vehicle gets the care, quality of work, and attention it deserves.    ​

Our focus is attention to the small finer details and the use of quality time-tested premium car care product lines. We are dedicated to making your experience with us great and giving your vehicle that ultimate shine and protection.


Delaware's Premier Automotive Detailing Specialists Delivering Detailing Solutions

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